Excellent Guide of Currency in SimCity Buildit


Mobile gaming is reaching on a higher level, and if you are looking for a new game, then you can install the SimCity Buildit. The game is all about building the dream city, and all the decisions are you’re in the gameplay. There are lots of landmarks like the Eiffel tower, a statue of liberty and many more. The players can build water parks, beaches and some commercial factories for earning. The night mode of the game is amazing, and it makes it more beautiful. For adding new things, we need to earn currency, and The SimCity Buildit Cheats is a quick tool for currency.

More about major currencies:

In the game, various currencies are used like Simoleons, Simbucks and golden keys. The players will do many efforts for getting the currency and such are for purchasing new things to add in the city. In the guide, we are giving info about the various currencies.


Simoleons are the special currency in the game, and the currency is for purchasing factories, building zones and some kinds of services. We will get a high amount of Simoleons by upgrading houses in residential buildings.


We can get the Simbucks by spending real money but completing tasks are also best for us. The currency is usable for adding new things of playing. The players can trade with Simbucks and get a big amount of rewards.

Golden keys

The currency is for boosting the city population, and by it, we can also finish the shipments process. The players are rewarded with a high amount of currencies and prizes. We can add extra items for playing long.